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Our philosophy at EcoSemitek is that the nature of man and technology are basically human and that is why we devote ourselveves to the reality and challenge the future.

  Also, we are one of the leaders in the High Power semiconductor industry in the 21th century. We EcoSemitek will do our best to see any project from customers’ perspective and to develop corresponding product, produce and sell them.

  We achieve this construction a management based on participation that centers on optimized human and work responsibilities, as well as a common profit distribution system.

  At EcoSemitek, we lay great emphasis on R&D with constant research and product development we are doing our best to supply a high quality solution, according to customers’ energy-saving requirements.

  Since the company foundation, in March 2015, we have developed FRD and IGBT with various package. We will continuously develop from IGBT, MOSFET, up to IPM to be winner in high power semiconductor.

  EcoSemitek is one of most competitive high power semiconductor manufacturer in Korea, also provides high power semiconductors( FRD, SBD thyristoe, rectifier, IGBT MOSFET Modules) designed for inverter welding, renuable energy(solar and wind power ), battery charger, UPS, etc. with high reliability and competitive advantage.